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Your life looks good on paper...

You have the career, a beautiful family, and great friends. You exercise, you plan vacations to stunning places, but you just don't feel truly fulfilled. And you’re not sure why. 

If this is you, keep reading. Because feeling like this and not doing anything about it can result in lifelong discontent.

Not only is it painful not feeling inspired by what you do for a living, as you spend so many hours away from your loved ones, if you ignore it for too long the consequences can be damaging. 

It becomes more and more difficult to feel like yourself, as you live life from your mind rather than your heart. This impacts your ability to make aligned choices, and you end up just going through the motions, rather than living the authentic life that ignites you and lights you up from the inside. In the end you find yourself feeling flat, disconnected, and even a bit numb - a.k.a “not the best version of you”. 

This disconnection can also result in desperate and hurtful life choices, like divorcing your spouse or leaving your job prematurely. All in a misguided attempt to find yourself, but without an inner compass to take you there.   

You want to take these feelings of dissatisfaction seriously. Because harnessing them in the right way will inspire you to change what needs to be changed - in the optimal time and place. 

This course is the first step.

Reconnect with Your Passion - online

After working with hundreds of career women and men over the years, I’ve seen how easy it is to get caught up in creating the “right” life on paper, doing what is expected of you to get ahead and do well, instead of feeling what’s right for you. Unconscious external pressures and a lack of time to reflect on what really motivates us, creates a tendency to lose contact with what really matters…and what actually makes us happy. 

In this course, I have curated the best and most impactful questions I give my clients as a work-life psychologist into 7 simple steps that help you make meaningful change, as you reconnect with your passion in your life and career.

This course is self-paced. It can be completed in seven days in under an hour a day. Or you could take a weekend to complete it or do a step each week for 7 weeks. It’s completely up to you and your schedule. 

You are also invited to join my Facebook Group to ask questions with like minded people so you are not alone in your work.

The questions and videos that shape this course come from psychological research and proven methods, as well as my 16 years’ of experience as a psychologist. They are structured in a way that helps you rediscover yourself, step by step. We begin with your desire for change, then we look at what really motivates you (and what’s stopping you), and finally support you in creating a sustainable action plan.

The modules are designed to help you take the first step on your journey toward creating your most meaningful and joyful life.  

The course is for you if:

  • You are ready to make immediate and lasting change in your life
  • You want to rediscover what you are passionate about and create a better balance between your strengths, values and choices in your work life
  • You want the personal clarification and development needed to create a healthy change
  • You are ready to dedicate time to getting to know yourself and your inner power
  • You want to transform overthinking to concrete actions!

The course is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t believe that your work-life is an essential part of living a meaningful life
  • You prefer to have a career that looks good in the eyes of other people, rather than one that matters to you 
  • You are not ready to confront the barriers from your early experiences that are stopping you from reaching your potential and following your passion
  • You don’t believe in setting goals and committing to them, but prefer to go with the flow and let life happen to you

How this course works:

Through short videos and exercises we dive into what you need to change in your life. We work with your hopes, dreams and values to give you direction. But we also work with the hidden barriers and old beliefs that can hold you back, because once you are aware of them, you become free to make new choices. 

You finish the course with specific actionable goals that you can follow step-by- step in creating a work life that reflects your true self, as you:

Learn what drives you, so you can live in alignment and make choices that are important to you

Discover what is blocking you, you so that you can break through old patterns

Get in touch with your true desires, so that you can stop ruminating and start acting 

Create various pathways towards the future that fuel your passion so that you don’t give up    

A finished concrete action plan that you can start implementing right away and start seeing results shortly after

Enjoy material and journals that will become lifelong tools for you to use whenever you need

The course is built on 7 simple steps to unlocking your inner wisdom and power of action: 

Step 1 : The Contract 

In this step you  get clear on why this work is important to do now and what’s required from you in order for the course to have maximum benefit. This step supports you in staying focused and committed to finding time for yourself.

Step 2: A Desire for Change 

In this step, we explore your hopes and dreams for your future to get a clearer picture of your direction. We break down the “what do I want” question into small parts that are easy to digest.

Step 3: Motivation that Matters

In this step you learn the difference between inner and outer motivation. With this knowledge you can distinguish your drivers and get clear on what really motivates you, for more effortless change. 

Step 4: Limiting Beliefs 

In this step you get to know the voice of your inner beliefs and personal barriers. From there, we work with how to handle them so you can take your power back. 

Step 5: Your Values = Your Focus

In this step we look closely at what is important to you. Here you identify your core values so they can be the compass guiding your focus, helping you set meaningful goals. 

Step 6: Setting Solid Goals

In this step you set meaningful and solid goals to optimize your ability to meet your desired future, as you identify and create various ways of achieving your goals. 

Step 7: Your Action Plan

In this step you get specific about what concrete steps to take at the completion of the course with the strong foundation of clarity you’ve gained, so you can take action immediately toward your best and brightest future.

About me, Elisabeth

My passion is to help people rediscover what they are passionate about. I specialize in helping them take goal-oriented actions toward creating a meaningful life, and worklife, they love. Because when people get to do what they do best, it has a ripple effect, and the world is a richer place to be.

Through the last 16 years, I’ve guided hundreds of clients to move from doubt, lack of motivation, overthinking, and discontent in their work-life to clarity, purpose, and directed action through individual coaching, therapy and workshops. 

With my education as a psychologist I work theoretically and methodologically to navigate  the inner barriers, while using my coaching skills to help my clients set clear goals, build structure, and take action. 

Elisabeth Ungar

“Elisabeth helped me get my focus back on what is most important - by structuring and simply being present. The simple tools help me. As well as the support to look ahead. This is what Elisabeth is good at. She radiates authenticity, professional competence and lots of warmth. I have gained my focus back and also my joy in life. It is challenging work and Elisabeth helped me make a good action plan. I can highly recommend her. ”

- Employee, Insurance industry

Elisabeth Ungar

“What I have gained from Elisabeths workshop, was a new perspective on something I have struggled with getting done. It became manageable. What was buzzing in my mind I solidified.”

- Physician, The Capital Region of Denmark

Elisabeth Ungar

“I was confused about what way to go in my work life. I couldn’t feel what I wanted to do and I was scared to go in a new direction. I have gained clarity on what it takes to find passion in my work and my power. I have also worked with breaking down negative thought patterns and opened up to seeking help through my network and friends. Working with Elisabeth was professional with deep respect for what is important to me.”

- Manager, Health Service Industry

Course price  

The course includes: 

  • 7 introduction videos
  • Written exercises for every step
  • Follow up email to make sure you stay on track
  • Access to my confidential Facebook group to support you. Even though your pace is self-guided, you are never alone in the work.

Course price: USD 249 (before taxes, only relevant for EU citizens) 

The price of a single session with me, but with this course you will get around so much more than we could do in just one session.

The course is yours to keep.

If you want extra support, you can add on a 1:1 session (midway- or final-session) or a coaching package at a 10% discount. The offer is valid for 6 months from the time of course purchase.


Risk-Free Guarantee

I know the course can help you reconnect with your passion so you can feel more motivated and energized in your work and life. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, I offer a 30-day window to request a full refund, provided you have not downloaded the content and have done all the course work.

Risk-Free Guarantee